Rebreather Support

Rebreathers are becoming more and more commonplace with new models of CCR’s being released every year.  At Caribbean Technical Diving we understand the type of back up and support that a diver travelling with a rebreather requires.

Our Rebreather Support Services Include:

–  Sofnolime 797 grade in stock (other grades available Contact Us for details)

– High Pressure Oxygen (fills available to 300psi/210bar)

Chris diving in the Caribbean

Chris Davies Diving The Poseidon MKVI

– Trimix and Heliox blending

– Spares for most CCR’s in stock

– Rebreather Training

Our resident technical diving specialist, Chris Davies, has years experience on 4 different CCR’s diving in the Caribbean and the cold waters of the UK.  Therefore he understands just how important it is for a CCR diver to have the back up and support that this piece of equipment needs.  Chris currently uses a JJ-CCR named the “Rolex of Rebreathers” by the UK’s Diver Magazine.  He also has extensive experience on the legendary Megalodon, Inspiration Evolution and the Poseidon MKVI.

Caribbean Technical Diving can offer training on virtually all mainstream CCR’s and we carry spares for most CCR’s in stock.

If you are on a Superyacht or Megayacht we can supply onboard rebreather training and support for your staff or clients, please Contact Us for details.

One Of The Most Popular Dive Sites In St. Martin

One Of The Most Popular Dive Sites In St. Martin