Caribbean Technical Diving is proud to announce that we are now the new Caribbean and North American distributor for L&W Compressors.  We are now able to offer sales, service and installation of these fine compressor systems.  Whether you are looking for a portable system for your dive boat or yacht, or a stationary system for your dive centre, L&W has the right machine for your needs.  L&W Compressors meet all EU Standards and are certified to ISO 9000:2000.  More than 4000 dive centres worldwide have already discovered the durability and quality of L&W Compressors and even the prestigious dive manufacturer AquaLung, uses L&W Compressors in their manufacturing plant.  Please Contact Us for further information or for a quote on a system install or overhaul.

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Caribbean Technical Diving adds another great boat “Kraken” to the fleet.

Kraken is the latest addition to the Octopus Diving Fleet. She is a brand new vessel that was custom built for Octopus Diving in 2013 and delivered on December 15th, 2013.

She is a 30 ft Island Hopper with a 12 ft beam, making her an extremely stable and comfortable diving platform. She has outstanding capabilities in all seas.

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Our Newest Dive Boat “Kraken”


The deck space on this boat is huge, she has been designed and certified for 24 divers however we are still only taking small groups! There is space for 20 tanks in racks.

She has all the usual electronics; VHF radio, GPS, FM stereo with IPOD hook up. She is powered by a 430HP Yanmar 6 Cylinder Diesel engine capable of 30 knots fully loaded. This is the biggest engine they can install in this size boat.

She makes diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean waters even easier and more enjoyable than you thought possible. She is also able to cater to larger snorkeling groups and larger groups of divers if you have a bigger group.


Caribbean Technical Diving & Saba Deep Collaborate to launch Saba’s First Trimix Course 

The Caribbean island of Saba is a little known volcanic island that offers scuba diving that is out of this world.  With a land mass of only five square miles, Saba is completed surrounded by the Saban National Marine Park.  Underwater,  Saba is a labyrinth of lava flows, underwater caverns, deep sea pinnacles, sea mounts, and mind blowing wall dives.  If you like to see big marine life, Saba has it.  Hammerheads, whale sharks, mantas, eagle rays, turtles, eels, huge schools of fish and much more.   When you factor in Saba’s lush, pristine, coral gardens, you’ve got some of the finest diving in the Caribbean.


The Partnership

Tony Waterfield, the owner of Saba Deep, and Chris Davies from Caribbean Technical Diving, first met when Tony hired Chris to service his scuba compressor.  Tony was delighted to find out that Chris was not only a great compressor mechanic, he was also a certified IANTD Technical Diving Instructor.  What cemented this partnership, was that Chris is located on the near by island of St. Martin, just a short one hour ferry ride away.  As luck would have it, Tony was looking to do a Trimix course and Chris a Trimix Instructor course.

Saba’s First Trimix Course

To teach the course, Chris brought in his diving mentor Rich Stevenson of Diving Marine Solutions in the UK.  Rich, a certified Trimix Instructor Trainer, also an accomplished undersea cameraman, was quoted by CBS’s “60 Minutes” as the “worlds most accomplished underwater cameraman”.  Together they conducted Saba’s first Nomoxic Trimix course.  With private villa accommodations provided by the Queen’s Garden Resort, not only was Saba’s first Trimix course a great learning experience, it was also a pleasurable one.

During the course, Chris and Tony soon discovered that Normoxic Trimix is the ideal gas for diving Saba’s plunging walls and deep coral pinnacles.

“The beauty of Normoxic is that with 20% oxygen in the mix, there is enough oxygen to sustain divers on surface and due to its helium content, at 60 meters, Normoxic mixes have an END (equivalent narcosis depth) of only 36 meters, where nitrogen narcosis isn’t a huge factor.  Diving this gas will allow our customer to comfortably experience the deeper wrecks in Sint Marteen and the deep walls and pinnacles of Saba”.  says Chris Davies.