Diving St. Martin

St. Martin is the world’s smallest land mass owned by 2 different countries, France and the Netherlands.  Located in the Northeast Caribbean, approximately 200 miles east of Puerto Rico, St. Martin, on the French side, is part of the French West Indies.  On the Dutch side, Sint Maarten is part of the Netherlands Antilles.  Saint Martin has a rich heritage, lots of beautiful beaches and a wide variety of amazing dive sites.  Tug Wreck-600

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Saint Martin’s most popular dive sites for technical diving include:

Shipwreck “Le Renee” 

“Le Renee” now an artificial reef lying in 140 fsw,  is the wreck of a 100 ft. ocean going tug.  With wide open deck space the wreck provides an ideal platform for training.  Visibility here is fantastic featuring lots of barracuda, sharks, large schools of horse eyed jacks and eagle rays.  In the sand-flats surrounding the wreck, huge turtles and giant stingrays make their home.


Wreck Diving In The Caribbean





Wreck of the “Fuh Sheng”

The “Fuh Sheng” is the natural wreck of a Taiwanese fishing vessel lying in 110 fsw.   Sharks are often seen cruising the wreck and hammerheads have been seen here.  Just off the bow is an eel garden with a population of approximately 100 eels.

Wreck of the Fuh-Sheng

Fuh Sheng – One of St. Martin’s Deeper Wrecks