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What exactly is Technical Diving, here are a few commonly asked questions with some simple answers.

I am constantly asked the same question which is “do I have enough experience to take a Technical Diving course” and usually the answer is yes. Are you a comfortable diver, do you feel confident in the water? If the answer is yes then I expect you will get through the course without any issues. I have certified  Advanced Nitrox divers with as little as 10 dives. Ideally you should be Advanced Open Water, but again, this isn’t a pre-requisite.

Simply put, Technical Diving can be diving with more than one tank and/or diving past recreational limits. We can make a Technical dive with a single tank on our back and a smaller tank with a suitable decompression gas, which is how I started diving in the UK.

I am also regularly asked “Why would I want to do this, it looks really heavy”…. Yes there is more equipment and it can be heavy. But the more you do it, the easier it becomes and it’s only heavy on the boat! Underwater you don’t feel any weight and I personally prefer diving with Double tanks than single tanks for many reasons.

Next question is always “How much does it cost” Technical Diving is expensive, but at Caribbean Technical Diving I don’t charge any extras unlike my competitors. A lot of Dive shops will offer a basic Technical Fundamentals course for about 30% less than I charge. However, by the time you have paid for your Oxygen, tank rental, regulator rental, staged decompression rental, course fees, certification fees and course materials you will be paying far more than I charge. Caribbean Technical Diving (just like our partners Octopus Diving) always offer our courses fully inclusive and we also make sure that we offer amazing and realistic training and never more than 2 students per Instructor.

Also note that our courses can be run with only 1 student at no extra charge, unlike my competitors!

Another question that always amuses me is “It must be dark down there, what will we see”…

A good example would be our Exploration Dive to find a wall on St. Maarten / St. Martin

This dive was at 81 meters or 270feet and it is as light at that depth as it is at 30 meters or 100 feet. We saw huge sharks, hundreds of Tuna in a shoal, eagle rays and just an amazing sight. We found the wall and have dived where nobody else on the planet has ever been. So the answer is try it and you never know, you may get the Exploration diving bug that many of my students now have.

This for me is part of the thrill of Exploration / Expedition / Technical Diving, its like walking on the moon or finding a new planet.

I am going to try to blog more often and keep blogs shorter from now on. So keep checking back for updates.


Chris Davies

Owner / Operator

Caribbean Technical Diving


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